Thursday, November 26, 2015

Duterte is Leading in Metro Manila survey for President

The pool survey conducted in Metro Manila for president last November 11-12, 2015 said that Duterte is the first choice for president with 34%. The voters where asked whom they would vote if the election will be held this month and majority said that they will vote for Rudy Duterte, the well known mayor of Davao City.

Many Filipinos were tired of the same traditional politicians who promise to uplift their lives but after elected in the highest position corruptions, drugs, killings and lagging economy are still the same major problems.
Philippines Candidates for President 2016

In the second position is Grace Poe, the adopted daughter of Action Star Fernando Poe Jr. who died after losing to to former president Gloria Macapagal is now in hospital arrest. Grace Poe leads the survey before Duterte decided to run. She got 26% approval.

Vise President Jojomar Binay is in the third place with 22%. His popularity wane because of corruption allegation. His son was also sacked as mayor of Makati City. Present government candidate and former Interior Secretary Mar Roxas got 11%. I think it is hard for Roxas since if there are controversies in the government, he will directly affected.

Senator Miriam Santiago is in the last spot. The senator almost became a president in 1992. She was second to president Ramos in the election tally result with a very narrow margin of winning. Right now she is running again with the son of former dictator president Ferdinand Marcos. Miriam is known as good and brilliant lawyer. But many Filipinos said that she is associated with corrupt politicians like GMA, Estrada, Corona and now Marcos.

Back to Duterte; his running mate is Cayetano of Nationalista Party.

Duterte and Cayetano are campaigning on a strong anticrime and corruption platform. Both are pushing for federalism as an alternative form of government to push for political and economic reforms throughout the country. Just two months ago, Duterte placed second in Metro Manila, 4 percentage points behind the then front-runner, Poe. Among members of the ABC socioeconomic class, Duterte received 38 percent, double the 19 percent obtained by Poe. Santiago got 15 percent, and Binay and Roxas each got 14 percent.

 Among members of Class D, Duterte received 34, followed by Poe with 28 percent; Binay, 21 percent; Roxas, 12 percent; and Santiago, 5 percent. Informed of the latest Pulse Asia survey, Marikina Rep. Miro Quimbo of the Liberal Party said Roxas’ rating had increased by 7 points. Sought for comment, Valenzuela City Mayor Rex Gatchalian, spokesperson for Poe, said: “We have yet to see the survey. To comment on a survey that has not been made public by any group is unfair and inconclusive. The method, sample, etc., are factors that must be considered.”

 In the survey for vice presidential candidates this month, Sen. Francis Joseph “Chiz” Escudero, Poe’s running mate, was leading with 32 percent, followed by Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr., 24 percent, and Cayetano, 20 percent. Pulse Asia said Marcos and Cayetano are statistically tied. Camarines Sur Rep. Maria Leonor “Leni” Robredo, running mate of Roxas, got 10 percent; Sen. Gringo Honasan, running mate of Binay, 8 percent; and Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV, 4 percent.

The survey is conducted by Pulse Asia.

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